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LAKE BUENA VISTA - If customers want it, then bring it back.

That’s the story of the Walt Disney World’s treehouse cabins, which opened in 1975, and were demolished in 2002. They were simple structures, up one story in the trees, and memorable for guests.

High in 1970s appeal, they resembled the sort of cottages that might be found a ski or beach resort; rooms upstairs and parking underneath. Today, Walt Disney World has reopened them; they are now called Treehouse Villas, and have gone upscale. The Villas are at Saratoga Springs Resort near the Downtown Disney section of Walt Disney World. They rent for $555.

The Disney Vacation Club property includes 60 of these three-bedroom villa “treehouses,” which are built on pedestals amid forested glens. In a press release last fall, Jim Lewis, president of DVC, said that they were built on the old idea.”

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Here is the article from Opodo

People planning holidays in Florida this summer will be able to visit the Epcot theme park at the Walt Disney World Resort to enjoy live performances celebrating some of the biggest bands in rock and pop music.

The Sounds Like Summer concert series will be presented at the America Gardens Theatre from 12 June to 31 July.

Stayin’ Alive – A Tribute to the Bee Gees will get the season underway from 12 to 19 June, followed by Hotel California – A Salute to the Eagles from 20 to 26 June.

Fans of the Rolling Stones will be able to see Satisfaction from 4 to 10 July, before Bon Jovi tribute act Slippery When Wet take to the stage from 18 to 24 July.

2U, a group celebrating legendary band U2, will perform from 18 to 24 July and Beginnings, who are inspired by American rockers Chicago, will bring the series to an end from 25 to 31 July.

Sounds Like Summer is one of a number of events set to take place at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, with the annual Main Street Electrical Parade also returning this year.

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The Disney Moms Panel

In case you didn’t already know ..Disney has a panel of experts made up of Mom’s and I think one Dad to give tips and advise to folks planning a Disney trip. I know many Disney Dad Bloggers out there would love to help out but we don’t have the place. Well let’s make one then right. Here’s some info about the current panel.  

Here is the Mom’s panel byline
 ”Learn about a Walt Disney World® vacation from a very special panel of advisers. This exciting question and answer forum offers practical advice from everyday people who have “been-there-and-done-that” – so get started now!”
Well what about the Dad’s
And get this:
“ Panelists have received/will receive a trip for panelist and up to three family members to the Walt Disney World Resort and/or park tickets for their participation on the Walt Disney World® Moms Panel. The views expressed in the Panel are those of the panelists, who are independent contractors. These views are not intended to reflect the opinions of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Online, its affiliates, its management, its agents or its employees and have not been reviewed or approved by Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Online prior to posting”.We can do that…
 I am in no way saying the Mom’s panel is flawed or inadequate. In fact I am a huge fan and reader/follower of many of the Mom’s on the panel. There are currently four Dads on the panel, but itis still a Mom’s panel.The thing is, I know myself and a lot of you guys out there have many great Ideas to share and many tips for the dads heading to Disney.  Or, as another Disney Dad ( @disneyfrankness) had said to me on twitter, lets at least call it the “Parent’s Panel”.  Help us get Disney to give us our space on the site.  http://disneyworldforum.disney.go.com/ so more of us can join in the sharing with and helping of future Disney guests.
Disney Blogger Dad’s comment here and join the crusade.

I know we have all heard about the tunnel system under Magic Kingdom and the Magic and Myths associated with it so I decided to dig deeper(pun intended) to unearth(and again) the mysteries behind this magical underground city. Enjoy.

Heres the Top Secret scoop by Cast Member turned Orlando Realtor Shaun McLane

The Tunnels under the Magic Kingdom

When you get hired by Disney, you become a Cast Member (or CM for short). You are required to attend a Traditions class (mine was 4 days long, but I believe they have shortened it to 1 or 2). It’s all rah-rah during Traditions. They teach you a very detailed history of Walt, the park, the characters, and how to look and act when you’re “on stage.” According to the class, Walt was walking through Disneyland and saw a Frontierland character walking through Fantasyland, and thought it killed the perception of the theme for that land. There’s a very long, interesting story about how Walt came to Orlando and bought land under the radar, as he planned his new theme park – the Magic Kingdom. He decided he wanted people to be able to escape reality and needed a way to keep cast members in their designated areas. The tunnels were born – and if you really want to sound like you know what you’re talking about, they’re called the “Utilidor,” short for utilities corridor.

Anyone who lives in Orlando knows that if you dig deeper than 6 feet, you’ll hit water. So how can there be tunnels UNDER the magic Kingdom? Well, because the park is built on the 2nd floor (technically speaking). the tunnels are at ground level, and the park is built on top of them. They serve many purposes, the main one being the ability to get from wardrobe to your spot, “on stage,” without crossing lands. It also gives cast members a much easier way to get to their destination without having to fight crowds.

So what’s in the tunnels?

Lot’s of stuff. Here’s a map:

At the top of the map is the tunnel entrance. As a cast member, you park in a parking lot about 1 mile away from the tunnel entrance, and take a bus to the tunnels. If you’re hungry, your first stop with be the “Mouseketeria.” Burgers, pizza, sandwiches, and amazing omelette’s are available for a fraction of the cost of the park prices. The “mouseketeria is immediately on your right as you enter the tunnels from the bus (on the left in the map). If you look to the right of the entrance on the map, you will see costuming, and locker rooms. The best part of working in the Magic Kingdom was being able to show up in shorts and a t-shirt. You walk up to a window and say the name of the area or attraction you’ll be working for that day, and your measurements, and they hand you a freshly laundered (questionable) costume. You change, and travel the utlilidor to your final destination.

If you look at the map, you’ll notice the tunnels are fairly simple. It’s a large circle, with a line through it. There are other sections that branch off of the tunnel, but only a few. To make things easier, the tunnels have lines on the ground that are color-coded for the section of the park that is directly above you. To travel the tunnels faster, there are bikes parked at many of the exits to the park – so they say. I often saw people on bikes, but never saw one waiting for me to jump on. From wardrobe to the back of the tunnels is about a 10 minute walk if you travel around the circle.

In the map, each of the park’s “Lands” are labeled. Here’s a map of the Magic Kingdom to give you some idea of where the tunnels are in relationship.

mk map

What Else is down there?

Disney has an amazing trash system called the AVAC system. The trash is sucked through tunnels to a centralized collection area. Walking through the tunnels, you know when trash is flying by you – it’s very loud. There are service vehicles driving around all over the place. There is plenty of room for you to walk, and a full-size truck to pass by. They deliver merchandise to each area via the tunnels so you never have to see a delivery truck “on-stage.” There are also offices, storage, kitchens, break rooms, two employee cafeterias, including the Fantasyland Dining Room, Kingdom Kutters (a hair salon), a Fire Prevention Center, Studio “D” and many of the support departments for the Magic Kingdom.

So how do you get out of the tunnels?

There are so many unmarked doors in the Magic Kingdom, you would never think that most of them lead to a stairwell that leads to the tunnels. Here is a list of most of the exit doors and their locations from the internal phone book:

  • Stairway 1 – to Pinochio Village Haus
  • Stairway 4 – to Liberty Square, Columbia harbor House, and Peter Pan
  • Stairway 5 – to Fantasyland Theatre (Lion king)
  • Stairway 9 – to Fantasyland and Tomorrowland
  • Stairway 10 – to the Hall of Presidents
  • Stairway 12 – to Ye Old Christmas Shoppe
  • Stairway 13 – to Liberty Square and Adventureland Veranda
  • Stairway 16 – to Adventureland and Frontierland
  • Stairway 17 – to Crystal Palace and First Aid
  • Stairway 18 – to MO-8
  • Stairway 19 – to MO-6 and West Parking Lot
  • Stairway 20 – to Town Square Kitchen
  • Stairway 21 – to MO-5 and East Parking Lot
  • Stairway 22 – to MO-7
  • Stairway 24 – to Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe
  • Stairway 25 – to Mickey’s Star Traders
  • Stairway 27 – to Transportarium
  • Stairway ? – to Tinkerbell’s Treasures

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