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While pool hopping is generally not allowed at Disney Resorts, I can tell you for a fact it happens on a regular basis. In speaking with fellow Disney Resort guests I have heard both ends of the spectrum on this topic. Personally, I say what the heck, let them swim. Each time we stay at a Disney resort it is typically for an extended period of time which usually results in a few days staying put at the Resort. This is where the real vacation time happens. Many of us adults like to enjoy a pool with a nearby bar for the consumption of a nice frozen rum drink while the kids enjoy the water slides and splash pools. Others just want a quiet relaxing waterside sun tanning area where they can read and adjust the melanin levels in their skin tone with the Florida rays.

The problem being is that you can’t always fulfill everyone’s needs at any one specific pool. Also, some resorts cater to a certain demographic. Now I’m not implying anything, but I have gotten cold stares while walking near the pool at the Grand Floridian in my Wal-Mart sandals and “Git ‘er Done” sleeveless shirt. So I can see where Disney is trying to keep each resort experience in tune with the daily room rate. I can also see where guests at a resort with an extravagant pool environment would be quite perturbed to see their pool overrun by immigrants from other resorts. Oh the humanity of it all.

The reality is that if, for example, you’re staying at any one of the Bay Lake area resorts you’re just a short boat ride from several fantastic but different pool environments. The pool at The Wilderness Lodge is an absolute work of art where the parents can sit bar side while the kids play and swim at a masterful creation of Disney water fun. The pool at Fort Wilderness Campground is also fantastic but lacks in sun tanning space and while it offers a game room and snack bar, there is no Bar. Across the water at the Contemporary Resort you have plenty of sun drenched native white sand for tanning, several pool and splash options, and Snack Bar/Drink Bar areas. The Grand Floridian was covered above. As you can see, there’s no easy answer – but there’s definitely a difficult question……. WHAT DO YOU THINK?

See ya real soon, Jerry

So you plan and plan, make lists, pack, plan more, remember something to put on the list – you get the point. It takes a village to prepare for your Disney trip. Sorry, couldn’t help myself just then. Back to business. It’s entirely possible, but hopefully not probable, that you may encounter a dreary weather day during your vacation at Disney World. This is not a crisis. I repeat, this is not a crisis.

A very good friend of mine turned a rainy day with two kids wearing frowns and depression setting in, to an incredible day to be treasured for eternity. What did she do??? Why she went to Disney Quest of course. The family - a younger daughter, an older son, mom and dad – had a fantastic time there. As she vividly described the rides her family went on and her unexpected excitement and competitive spirit on several of them, I felt like I was there. Her voice got higher, she spoke louder and I could not wait for our next trip to go to Disney World so that we could do it too. She was over the moon explaining their joy on Pirates of the Caribbean — Battle for Buccaneer Gold. I’m looking forward to Buzz Lightyear’s Astroblasters. Disney Quest has very accomodating  hours of operation which are as follows: Sunday – Thursday: 11:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. and Friday – Saturday: 11:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.

Too much fun if that's possible.

Maybe you don’t have any extra park passes or you’re on a budget – no worries! On a cold and damp day during our last visit, we rounded up the family – Jerry, Cait, Jake, grandma and me -and we spent hours traveling to the different Disney World resorts. They are all so uniquely themed, it was a pleasant adventure. We were treated with the appearance of the little bunny we called Thumper, of course, at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge. Jerry swore the Disneyfolks had that planned to occur on cue when a family stood at the glass window. Nah, they wouldn’t do that…or would they??? The fireplace in the lobby area is absolutely breath taking. Put that on your must-see list. Oh wait, maybe I am the only one with all the lists…

How'd They Do That?!

You have to see this up close!

Although the weather began looking up, we continued on our journey of exploration. We were fascinated with Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa. This resort is so pretty, sure there are twenty other bigger and better words to describe it, but it really is pretty. We were in awe of the immense Gingerbread House displayed in the lobby. It was real and HUGE! I immediately got the camera out and began snapping away. You just don’t see a 15′ tall gingerbread house too often, well I don’t anyway. There is a fact board on display detailing the ingredients and the amounts involved to construct this beast. I wouldn’t want to pay even 1/8th of that bill.

See how happy he was to pose...

All in all, we saw several resorts we would not have ordinarily seen and truly enjoyed the rides here and the thanks to free Disney transportation. It’s a great idea for those looking for different resort options for their next vacation to Disney World as well.

Until next time…Melissa

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Description: 1800’s Florida Beach resort style expensive and luxurious$$$$$ near monorail

Prices: $375-910

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