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Candy Art in Japan @ EPCOT

My favorite park is Epcot. I love how you can experience eleven countries in one place. My dad loves to get a beer at every country. If you are looking for something that will most definitely take up the whole day you might as well do kidcot. Also if you do, ask where you can get a passport because the passports are fun and you might as well get the whole deal.

          I also love the street performers. I recommend Sergio at Italy, and the King Arthur street performers at United Kingdom. Try to catch them all! They are great to pass time. I ask you to please try Soarin’ too, they have a game while you are waiting that everyone can interact in. When you soar past the orange trees you can smell the oranges witch amazes me. It is a great experience!

          You can also try Test Track. Just don’t wear a hat because at the speed of 80 mph it will fall off. How do I know this? My dad’s visor flew off and we never saw it again. He tried to hold on to it though. Plus on your way in you see cars and car parts being tested. Then, to end it nicely IllumiNations is at nine o’clock.

That is an Epcot experience.