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This home of ours is buzzing with anticipation for an annual event that is just around the corner. Now I am certainly not one to rushtime’s passing, but let’s face it…with the hectic schedules of today’s families, time flies. Our departure will be here sooner than later. The calendar with the proposed daily events is hanging in the kitchen as inspiration to make good choices with our expenses until we go. Caitlyn already has an envelope with her savings stored safely away.

We are excited about a million things regarding this trip. We have done some improvements to our motorhome inside and out for starters. One weekend was spent on a growing checklist of items that needed our attention or we felt would be a benefit for future trips. The outer compartments got a nice fresh coat of paint and some aluminum trim along the bottom to help with road salt and rust. All of the compartments also got emptied, vacuumed and reorganized. My handy husband Jerry made some great dividers for those little things that can get lost in such a large area. Some 2 x 4’s, a chop saw and a screw gun can certainly make organization a bit easier. In our golf cart trailer he utilized some nice handles and cable cuffs for securing a variety of camping paraphernalia to the walls. Jerry also constructed and welded a bike rack to mount to the beams in the trailer. Yes I am so darn blessed to have a handy husband! And even more blessed to have a husband that understands my compulsion for organization. (I hear your chuckle now Grandma Tag-Along)

We have begun our tradition of revisiting some moments whereby a situation could have gone better if we’d only done this or that. I think it’s great that we are all open and honest and share our feelings, not only of the great moments but also of the annoying or frustrating times. This really clears the air for a better vacation. We came up with a great shower system since there will be 5 of us on this trip and using a motorhome shower is by far a different experience than being at home with as much water as you need  coming out of the showerhead at a constant rate – not on and off to conserve as in the RV. So, depending on the upcoming days plan, some may shower at night and some in the morning, maybe in the motorhome or perhaps at the lovely Fort Wilderness showers. Hey, if it works out or not, it’s an attempt to rectify at least. If at first you don’t succeed, try try again, right?!

Something I definately recommend is a tentative plotting of the parks and attractions you’d like to see and do. Having this to refer to is helpful for the planning process and can save you some money. This trip we almost purchased more park passes than we could use in the amount of spare days we had (after all the other things we want to squeeze in). It is so very tempting though, to add on Disney Park days as they are so much less expensive the more you add. Again, because I am obsessive, I made that calendar I told you about and used images for the potential plan of the day. Here’s a mock one because anyone will tell you that you should not post vacation information ;-)

Well Disney friends. That’s all for now. Until next time….

grandma's backpack

Each time have been invited to tag along to Disney World,  I have learned something new – and this last trip being prepared really paid off.

My son likes to plan ahead when we arrive at a theme park and have a good idea of the plan of the day so we are not wondering where we should be for scheduled shows. So I know he will want to find a good place to watch the awesome parades and finding a good viewing place is important. The only problem with that is you need to find a spot and secure it early which means standing in your spot for quite a while. For me and my older well used legs, that was the only part I dreaded as watching the parade is an absolute must.

So, this last trip I knew what was ahead and I needed to find a way to enjoy all parts of the adventure. I started searching the web for a backpack with an attached folding stool that would hold my weight so I could sit comfortably waiting for the parade. I finally found just the right one at my local Army & Navy store. They did not have any in stock, but were happy to order one for me. It was very reasonable…around $25 and so very worth it.

This last trip to Florida was quite cold in the early AM and later PM, so being able to have a place for the extra sweater or jacket, scarf and gloves to keep these old bones warm took a lot of pressure and worry out of planning for a long day. I could also take my water bottle, snack, band aids, and tissues and anything else a grandma thinks she may need for the grand kids.

I did pack a few items in it and tried it out at home a few days making sure I could do a lot of walking, getting comfortable with how it felt, and getting it on and off without any problems since it was the first time for me to wear one. I was amazed to find it quite comfortable and easy to use for a novice like me.

Now it is a must for any trip that includes a long day and lots of walking. It was great to know I would have a place to rest while the rest of the family enjoyed the rides and events that I was chicken to try and they knew I was going to be quite content waiting for them, so no pressure all around. Plus I could enjoy a little snack and sip of water without trying to find a vendor close by.

Sometimes it is the little things that make the day, and I must say that being prepared with my portable stool to rest my weary bones helped make my days. The best of all was being there with my family!