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Hello Disney friends. Grab a coffee, tea or drink of choice because this is going to be a long one… 

I have to go backwards with this story before I go forward. Now most everyone knows about Facebook even if you’re not on it. After some enticing, I hopped on and do not regret it for one second. I happily reconnected with some dear friends. One friend I am just delighted to have rekindled a friendship with is Bridgette. We went to grade school together and have some treasured memories. Like many of us, we lost touch…well we didn’t lose it, we didn’t work hard enough to keep it some would say. Thankfully, we picked up where we left off. 

Fast forward to our preparations for our visit to Florida and Disney World. We planned for our families to meet for dinner at Raglan Road in Downtown Disney – love it there. During our dinner, Bridgette insisted we visit her amazing place of employment…GATORLAND!!!! After the vivid descriptions of all Gatorland has to offer, we were there! 

Of course we were so excited to get to Gatorland. After a minor motor home glitch in the morning, we made it to Gatorland a little later than we had hoped but that was fine because we have several things to look forward to. There are some great shows there and one we really enjoyed was Gator Wrestlin’. This show kept your attention and dropped some jaws. 

Very cool show!


Here’s the part where I share a secret…I HATE SPIDERS!!!!!! I could care less that I am bigger than they are – no matter…loathe them. Well, maybe not Charlotte. Everybody loves Charlotte. So, as Bridgette peered around the post at this other “fun for me” show, she had no idea I would be so lucky as to be chosen to hold…bum, bum, bum, dramatic music…a tarantula. Yay me! Please laugh and enjoy the fear and discomfort on my face. Seriously, do your family a favor, have a seat at the Upclose Encounters show. These guys are a riot. 

Lord help me!

No!!! I do not want to say hello to your furry friend!


Well, now I’d say it wasn’t that bad and I showed the kids you must face your fears. Doesn’t that sound so convincing and role model parent-like. Cait and Jake did indeed seem fearless as they posed for an all too cute picture souvenir from Gatorland…this place leaves no stone unturned. 

This is how ya do it mom!


 We were amazed at how friendly the birds are. Jake and Cait were feeding the gators – another enjoyable thing to do – and of course the birds wanted in on the yummy treats. Jake was just hysterical over these feathered friends. They would come right up to you to snack on some hot dogs. I took the picture below without the use of any zoom. You should get the idea now. 

Feed me!


The petting zoo is great for the kids as is the train ride. We truly had a blast and could not thank Bridgette enough for showing us such a wonderful day. There’s so much to do there and we ran out of time to do a few things. I never told Bridgette, but tears were shed by the kids because we didn’t fit everything in. The mom in me didn’t want her to feel bad as she went above and beyond so I told the kids we’ll certainly be back again, dry your eyes and be thankful for what we did get to do and see. We love you Bridgette! Gatorland loves you too!

Here are some other pictures for you to enjoy. 

Sometimes the alligators became water taxis for the birds.


They all wanted to be by the warm water spicket.


These are known as leucistic — not albino — gators, which means their pigment is white.

Until next time…Melissa