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This is a hot topic. Do you go for the Disney Dining Plan or pass on it? The Magic Your Way plan begins at about $40 a day for us grown ups and it’s around $12 for the little ones aged 3-9. What do you get? Well, for the day you get a full service meal, a counter service meal and a snack from one of 100+ participants throughout the parks and hotels.

Some find it quite worth it if you have big eaters in your family. Then there’s the family that with kids who have little appetites and feel it would be a waste of money for them. You have the crowd that recommend it for the families who desire the character meals. Keep in mind as well, you have to add the dining plan BEFORE you get to Orlando and not after you arrive.

So Disney4dadsreaders…we would like you to weigh in on this controversial topic and tell us what you think. You may help someone avoid a mistake you made or relish a tip you learned. Thanks to all!

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