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Who says you need snow to capture the Christmas spirit??? Certainly not the Fort Wilderness Resort campers! When other families are enjoying the crowded parks, we really enjoy making some hot cocoa and hopping on the Haley Fun Buggy…a.k.a. our awesome golf cart. There’s nothing like this I’ve ever seen before.







It’s just amazing to see the hard work and dedication these Disney loving campers put into their decorations. Many of these families are here every year and they love the joy it brings to the passers by. Many of the folks are happy to talk to you and answer your curious questions. Yes, it can take days for the installation of all the lights. Yes, some actually have trailers for storage that are towed.







Disney castmates remain busy through the wee night hours decorating the entire campground as well. They cover anything and everything that can be adorned with a Christmas theme. Castmates wrap light poles with garland as well as the bus depots. The stores are embellished here and there with hints of the holiday. The decorating is typically complete around Thanksgiving.







Whether you travel around the resort on foot, a bicycle or golf cart, the variety of decorations is astonishing. Some campers have a great number of blow-ups, some have such beautiful lights, numerous folks have the dashboards. of their motorhomes adorned as well. I can’t think of anywhere else you would find such diverse and unique ornamentation. I am always curious as to where some of these neat items come from…ebay, sales, internet…I’m sure anywhere and everywhere! How about the pic below complete with the tree, the fireplace and Santa?!?!?








Jerry always says I’m just biased and Fort Wilderness will always be my favorite (I just think he doesn’t want me to keep talking about it and make it harder for us to secure reservations next year). Perhaps he’s on to something but I can guarantee I’m not alone. Do yourself a favor, take a walk around Fort Wilderness next time you visit Disney World. Disney knows how passionate we are about everything Mickey, so they welcome visitors that want to enjoy the Christmas decorations at the resort and the campsites as well. So grab some hot cocoa and take in all that Fort Wilderness has to offer during your Christmas vacation.   

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Location: Magic Kingdom

Description: Our absolute favorite!!!! Great for families who love to camp in the great outdoors.

Prices: $43-96

Phone: 14078242900