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I have a funny story to share about the Kilimanjaro Safaris tour. We had heard so much about the amazement we would feel while viewing these wonderful creatures that inhabit Animal Kingdom. So with Jerry taking the pictures on the digital camera and me recording the entire venture, guess what – I can barely recall what I saw without the assistance of our media! It’s funny to share the story of me with one eye in the little viewing cup of the camcorder quickly peeking away sporadically. Just imagine the scene from Christmas Vacation when Chevy is trying to look out of that round white vent in the attic – back and forth, back and forth. Jerry can’t recall thoroughly enjoying it either because he was trying desperately to capture just the right shot.

We decided that on our next safaris tour that Jerry would take only the ideal photo op – you know, the mama and baby, the colossal yawn that reveals a substantial set of teeth or the new addition to the Animal Kingdom family. Fast forward to the day we make our next visit to Animal Kingdom. Ummm…did we miss the memo that said we would have some unfortunate luck and the animals weren’t feeling to outgoing today?! Sadly, the kingdom of animals was sparce. So, what do we decide for our next visit??? Jerry skips the picture taking altogether and we just enjoy the safaris tour.

Listen to the frequent visitors that give advice on Animal Kingdom. I am NOT a Debbie downer, but seriously, on our most recent visit, we experienced that arctic cold front that remained along the east coast for weeks. Again, missed opportunity. For future reference, if you pay attention to the weather, which I’m sure you will, hit Animal Kingdom on the warmer days and you will have an amazing Kilimanjaro Safaris tour. Take some pictures or video, but take it in as well. Animal Kingdom will always be my favorite park – through warm and cold.