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What a beautiful window display!


Another amazing display done the Disney way…

Thanks a bunch Nicole for sharing this beauty.

Parents always require the children to pose by the resort sign and these guys are even smiling!!!!




 Thank you Nicole! Can you tell our viewers how you got them to show a genuine smile? Just kidding, we know kids always smile at Disney World!

Oh boy!!!!!!!

Now this is a fun ride. Expedition Everest  is a very popular ride at Animal Kingdom.

Thanks Nicole for this great shot. We appreciate you sitting it out so you could take the picture :-)

Happy Halloween


Happy Halloween

Disney does decorating BIG!

Happy Halloween

See ya Real Soon...

Happy Halloween

Of course the light pole is decorated

Happy Halloween

Look at Goofy and Pluto


 Thank you so much Nicole. For those that have not been to Disney World during the Halloween season, this gives us motivation to do so!!!